MySociety App
Reform community living
Your all-in-one mobile solution for a safer, connected, and sustainable society. Transforming everyday management and engagement.
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Innovative Features

List of features that could make a significant impact

Transparent Governance

Facilitate open decision-making with real-time updates and governance records.

Society Directory

Easily access contact info for all community members in one place.

Visitor Management

Streamline visitor check-ins with notifications and entry tracking.

Alerts and Updates

Get instant notifications on local events and important community alerts.

Booking Amenities

Reserve community facilities and amenities with just a few clicks.

Service Requests

Quickly report and track the status of maintenance issues.

Voting and Feedback

Engage in community decisions with polls and share your feedback.

Local News and Stories

Stay informed with stories and updates from around your community.

Health and Wellness

Integrate with apps for fitness challenges, mental health, and virtual workouts for the community

How it works

Revolutionize your society in three steps

Streamline management

Easy payments, service bookings, and issue reporting.

Boost community ties

Forums, events, and directories foster connections.

Promote safety & sustainability

Alerts, carpooling, and green initiatives.